Before the raid

Photo of Before the raid

Vertical aerial photograph from 17,200 feet altitude, looking directly down on East Loch and on the Fleet Air Base on Ford Island.

Taken on May 3rd 1940, after the conclusion of Fleet Problem XXI, and just prior to the May 7th receipt of word that the Fleet was to be retained in Hawaiian waters.
There are eight battleships and the carrier Yorktown (CV-5) tied up along the island's southeastern side (toward the top), with two more battleships alongside 1010 dock at top right center. Two light cruisers and two destroyers are among the ships moored along Ford Island's northwestern side. Seventeen other cruisers and over thirty destroyers are also visible, mainly in East Loch. At the seaplane base, at the southern (top right) tip of Ford Island, are at least 38 PBY patrol planes.

May 17, 2009
November 21, 2020
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U.S. National Archives